Short term loans

Your short term loans requirements are HOW MUCH? You need to know if commercial funding, investment finance or a home owner bridging loan can be in place within HOURS NOT DAYS? This is not a problem for us as we are principle lenders and are able to give you a decision in fact, not just principle, almost immediately* on quick short term financing.

Have you had enough of hearing banks, building societies and loans brokers saying 'no' to you? Or is the financial advisor who promised a quick decision on your short term loans taking forever over completing your advance? Contact the innovators in hassle free non long term property and bridging loans which can be used for any purpose including redevelopment finance, buying a house at auction, commercial funding, business use or just as plain, old, boring home owner or residential bridging loans.

Commercial business loans

Commercial bridging loans or short term business financing available which can be used for any aspect of improving your company moving forward into the 21st century. Whether it is redevelopment finance, a quick advance for property funding until you have a mortgage in place or just to improve your internal infrastructure, we can give you a fast decision and an instant payout if you have all the paper work in place by your own solicitor or lawyer.

For more information feel free to visit our website dedicated to business finding and financing.

We treat every commercial bridging loans enquiry on its own merits and when combined with us being principal lenders not held back in our decision making like building societies and banks, or have to mess around submitting your request like brokers have to, your short term loans requirements could be in your nominate bank account sooner than you think and your business development would be able to sail along at a rate of knots.

Homeowner short term loans

We also specialise in short term loans for home owners. Whether you are looking for 1st or 2nd charge bridging finance, we can help you find a deal by matching your needs to funding supplied directly through us, or through one of the many other private lenders we work with in order to get you the best offer of short term funding for any purpose available. Feel free to contact directly for more information on how we work with a homeowner and what we do in the shape of short term loans used as residential bridging loans.

*Almost immediate decision depends on the information submitted by the applicant.


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Bridging loans have a MINIMUM LOAN VALUE of £25,000 and a property is needed as security.

Any enquiry for funding for less than our minimum will be deleted.