Short term loans & bridging loans

Bridging loans & Short-Term Loans in the UK

In today’s fast moving world Easy Bridging Loans understands and recognises that many individuals and companies require Short-Term loans for a variety of reasons and they need a quick and professional Lender that they can rely on for all their Short-Term property requirements.

How quickly do you need short-term property finance?

Are you in one of the following situations where time is of the essence?!

You have agreed to purchase a residential or commercial property as an investment or development opportunity and your bank has let you down.

You are seeking to raise capital on your own home. But you have an existing mortgage.

You have purchased a residential or commercial property at an auction and your bank or building societies have said they cannot lend until such time as the property is in a mortgageable condition. Easy Bridging Loans lends on value no matter what condition the property is in.

You own a Company and are experiencing a short-term cash flow problem and you are urgently looking to raise money on your premises.

Easy Bridging Loans offers: New Flexibility - New Choice - New Thinking

Can You Help? Absolutely!!!

A Typical Applicant’s Dilemma:

Mr X owns his house, which is valued at £350,000. He has a current mortgage of £125,000. Mr X has agreed to purchase a second property for Buy to Let purposes. The purchase price was £180,000. The problem was that his building society declined his application for finance until certain works were carried out on the property to bring it up to mortgageable standard.

Mr X contacted Easy Bridging Loans and four days later he completed his purchase with our funds of £180,000. How did we do this? Easy! We were able to offer 100% of the purchase price by simply registering a first charge on the new property and a second charge on his existing property. Mr X used our funds for 3 months. He was able to carry out all repair works to his property. He later remortgaged with a high street building society. Mr X has since taken out two further loans with Easy Bridging Loans . He is slowly but cautiously building up a sizeable property portfolio. You can also follow Mr X by contacting us. We are Innovators in Short-Term Property Finance!!!

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Bridging loans have a MINIMUM LOAN VALUE of £25,000 and a property is needed as security.

Any enquiry for funding for less than our minimum will be deleted.